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Hello guys! My name is Totoy Mola. I would like to wholeheartedly welcome you to my website. In here, you will find some really good stuff like absolutely funny jokes. Well at least for me, and you know, I'm a guy who's extremely difficult to please. So if you don't find my jokes funny then you can shoot yourself for your lack of sense of humor.

I also regularly post really good chess tips and puzzles. I used to be a really good chess player, and very active too, until I lost steam when a 4-year old kid beat me some years ago. No, seriously, I can beat top chess engines like Rybka, but that's when I use Houdini of course. But without the help of an engine, I might have a chance to beat the likes of Magnus Carlsen, Wesley So and Garry Kasparov. Just give me a few advantages such as two extra Queens maybe, and my opponent must use the not-so-famous Berlin Game (which I will tell you about later).

I'm also a cunning linguist. I speak several languages because of my good memory and ability to quickly learn. The languages I speak include English and bad English (more commonly known as Engrish). I will be posting Spanish tutorials and Chinese tutorials (and maybe basic tutorials on some other languages such as Norwegian, German, French and Tagalog) on my blog so keep coming back if you're a big fan of linguistics.

Another thing that I really like to do is taking/collecting photos. My collection includes photos of cute cats (pussies), stunning sceneries, and pretty ladies. My apologies to perverts but you won't find any nude photos here so if you're expecting to see one, you'll be disappointed. However, if you love wholesome and decent (or half-decent) photography (of course you do.. only blind people don't like nice photos), keep coming back to this site and you might just get lucky to see something you'd really love (I see pervs getting excited now like their nipples are being squeezed).

There are more interesting stuff that you will find on this website, but the last thing I will make a special of is my compilation of dating tips. This section is dedicated to guys who can't get a girlfriend. I'm a citizen of humanity, and I don't want to read another news of guys committing suicide or cutting their dick off (and fed to dogs) just because they can't get a lover. I know how it feels, you poor bastard. Your suffering is going to end now that you've come to the right place. Read my story below.

My whole life I have always wanted to be that guy who bangs all the hot chicks without exerting too much effort. It used to be a dream that seemed impossible to achieve. But guess what, I am that guy now! No more spending on drinks in bars only to have the chick go with someone else. No more wasting money on dinners only to go home alone and jerk off while watching "you know what". Now I actually get all the girls that I can handle, whenever I want it. Now I have the confidence to get those chicks I barely even had the courage to talk to once upon a time. If someone had only told me it was as easy as ABC, I would have done it a long time ago. I have been there, and I know the feeling very well. So now I'm here to tell you about my secret so you can start hooking up and stop waiting around like I did for so long.


About Totoy Mola


Age: 25 (forever)
Location: Manila, PH
Hobbies: Video games, karaoke, watching movies, playing chess, and hunting pussies!

Sorry about the cat photo. I guess I'm too mysterious to reveal my true face. Besides, I have a severe schizophrenia (multiple personality). My different personalities include being a web developer, a chess player, a businessman, a horny guy, a music lover, a religious person, and a cat enthusiast (thus the cat photo above and the slogan "pussy hunting expert").

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